Welcome to Bethel June 2019

Welcome update info is here:

Phone: 703-825-5557 (please leave a message, phone service ends in October) Bethel UCC has been working with Consulting Pastor Rev. Chris Mereschuk to discern the future of our congregation since March 2022. This process is being led by a Work Group, which will make recommendations to the Consistory and the congregation.

Our discernment prior to March 2002 and our gathering on April 24, 2022 points us towards concluding the active ministry life of Bethel UCC. However, there are many steps between now and that time.

As a part of this process, we will be visiting other local churches — both arranged as a group, and as individuals. Please check the weekly email announcements for details about these visits. Now that Hybrid worship will only be on 2nd and 4th Sundays, we have one "organized visit" to a church and one "Choose your own" church to visit per month. We will have a closing worship service on Nov. 6.

Bethel is open, and affirming no matter what you situation in life or who you are, and especially who you love. we welcome you to join us for worship and be part of this community of faith.

Click here to learn more about visiting Bethel.

Bethel is a welcoming and affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ.

We still volunteer at AFAC to bag vegetables and food that will be distributed during AFAC business hours. Those who volunteer wear masks and keep social distance in order to protect each other while serving the Arlingtonians in need.