The Original Itinerant Preacher

Jesus was the original itinerant preacher. He walked the hills, the valleys and the mountains of Palestine preaching, teaching and revealing to the face of God those gathered and to us. As he walked, he called to all who would listen, come follow me and know God. Just as he called to them, so too, he calls to us. We are called to follow in the ways that Jesus teaches. This Lent we will seek to understand Jesus’ way more deeply by following the path he walked in his ministry from the River Jordan across Judea and into Jerusalem.

Lent begins on Wednesday, February 18th —Ash Wednesday—and continues for 40 days until Easter Sunday. This is a time for reflection, to consider one’s own life and the ways we stray for the path to which Jesus calls. It is a time to seek reconciliation and deepen our faith.

Jesus’ ministry started at the Jordan River where he met his cousin John and was baptized with the sinners and misfits from all over Judea. Then he went into the wilderness. After Jesus faced his temptation he went to Capernaum. After Jerusalem, this is the most important place in the Gospels, in part because seven disciples came from Capernaum. It is also where Jesus taught in the temple and performed twelve miracles there, more than anywhere else. Like Abraham, Moses, David and Elijah before him, Jesus was drawn out of the city and up to the mountain. It is there that Jesus’ taught his followers to be disciples. But one cannot stay on the mountain top forever, descending from the mountain Jesus went to the sea—the Sea of Galilee. On the sea he calmed the storm and walked on water. Then Jesus crossed over to the other side and went to a land that was unfamiliar, that was foreign. He went to Samaria and there he broke bread with sinners, outcasts and the poor. Then riding on the back of a donkey Jesus entered Jerusalem.

Join us this Lent as we follow the way of Jesus from the Jordan to Jerusalem. Encounter Jesus’ ministry in worship with music, prayer and the Word. Go deeper by joining one or both of our two small groups this Lent:

  • Wednesday evening “Soup and Study” with a light soup dinner at 6 pm followed by adult Bible Study at 7 pm where we will use The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus by Adam Hamilton
  • Intergenerational community worship and acts of service on Sunday nights from 5 to 7 pm.

May whatever path your Lenten journey takes be richly blessed with deeper meaning and divine encounters.

–The Rev. Kristen Curlee

Feb. 2015