Sunday School at Bethel

Bethel’s Sunday school reflects the larger community it serves. Children of all ages, from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and religious traditions come to learn about God, Jesus, the Bible, and what it means to live a Christian life. The children meet during Sunday worship after the pastor’s time with the children.  All children are welcome and encouraged to be active participants in the worship service.

Currently Bethel offers Sunday school for children in elementary and middle school.  Nursery care is available for children under 2 years during the entire worship service as desired by parents. Children are also welcome to remain in the worship service.  We have two Sunday school classes  which meet every Sunday.

The teachers use a variety of resources to engage the children and illustrate the day’s lesson, including puzzles, stories, scripture, arts, crafts, and word games. In addition, members of the congregation occasionally fill the teaching role and share their areas of interest with the children.


Children love the outdoor worship and enjoy the variety each Sunday.

From time to time, the Sunday school period is used to prepare for special events that the children help develop and participate in, such as the Christmas celebration. Children learn about being good stewards of the environment and what it means to go hungry every day.

We consider the children a vital part of Bethel and try to involve them as much as possible in the wider church.