August Community Worship

Sunday, Aug 4, 2019

Each Sunday in August three congregations will join together for worship, community choir, and fellowship at 10:00 am. The schedule is as follows and EVERYONE is invited to join one or all Sundays including the picnic on the 4th Sunday in August. (Location TBD)

August 4, Arlington Forest United Methodist Church 10:00 am
4701 Arlington Blvd., Arlington

August 11, Bethel United Church of Christ 10:00 am
300 North Montague Street, Arlington

August 18, Arlington Church of the Brethren 10:00 am
300 North Montague Street, Arlington

August 25, TBD with picnic following 10:00 am

Call any of the churches for more information:
Arlington Forest UMC – 703-525-0961
Bethel UCC – 703-825-5557
Arlington COB – 703-524-4100

  Summer community worship in the Lubber Run Pavilion

Children love the outdoor worship and enjoy the variety each Sunday.

Pastor Anne preaches at Lubber Run Park.