Community and Ecumenical Relationships

Bethel UCC is in partnership with other local congregations who join together in a community choir and for regular combined worship. Special Sundays after major holidays are celebrated by a combined worship at one of the following locations:

Bethel UCC – 300 North Montague Street, Arlington
Arlington Church of the Brethren – 300 North Montague Street, Arlington

Community Choir enhances monthly worship and makes August special.

In August, worship is combined every week as people spend one Sunday with each congregation’s leadership and location. The last Sunday of August all congregations worship at the Lubber Run Park Pavilion in Arlington and share a carry-in picnic after worship by the stream.

Summer community worship in the Lubber Run Pavilion

Children love the outdoor worship and enjoy the variety each Sunday.

The relationships among these congregations over the years of worship and sharing service projects has made all three groups stronger. Arlington County is a welcoming place in so many ways. Bethel UCC is proud to be part of these community gatherings.

Pastor Anne preaches at Lubber Run Park.

Lubber Run add to the spiritual renewal of outdoor worship.