A Christian community is foremost a worshiping community. We have discerned that we are no longer a viable community with a base large enough to sustain worship and service. Our closing worship is November 6 at 10:00 am.

Historically: Worship at Bethel blended both informal and more traditional elements.  Our service begins informally with congregational singing, sharing celebrations, and with Passing the Peace.

Community Choir enhances monthly worship and makes August special. This picture is from the days of worship in the old building.

The heart of the service includes scripture, sermon, and prayers with participation of our pastors and Bethel worshipers.

Using both an organ and keyboard, our talented musician offers a variety of music modalities such as traditional hymns, gospel, classical, among others.

Click here to listen to Rachel Huang play a recent postlude (end of worship music), Mozart’s Alla Turca.

Summer community worship in the Lubber Run Pavilion











We celebrate two sacraments Holy Communion and Christian Baptism.  Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of each month.

Retired Senior Pastor Anne Holmes

Pastor Carolyn Richar, Interim

We are a progressive Christian church, and we realize that worship needs to be responsive to the spiritual needs of its participants. Come, appreciate, and help us shape our worship for the glory of God. Our worship is open to everyone. Jesus did not turn people away, and neither do we.


Children love the outdoor worship and enjoy the variety each Sunday.

Associate Pastor Nancy Fitzgerald

Christian baptism and dedication are observed at Bethel. This picture is from a service held in the old building.

Rachel Huang is our pianist. 

Rachel Huang playing Mozart’s All Turca on 10.28.18 in the following audio clip.